I am currently a Ph.D. candidate with the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University and am supported through a joint scholarship that is fully funded by both RMIT and DSTO.  My supervisors are Associate Professor Cees Bil (RMIT) and Dr. George Galanis (DSTO).  My Ph.D. research is in the field of engineering and in particular in the area of human-system integration. I am investigating the effect that artefacts in human-in-the-loop simulators have on overall training system performance.  Currently, I am researching the forced landing manoeuvre—the manoeuvre required if an airplane suffers a complete engine failure.  My research program also studies the effect of instrument inaccuracies and external disturbances have on pilot training.  It focuses on trajectory optimization for forced landing of an aircraft upon engine failure allowing for possible wind and gust disturbances.